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Plugsville founder Ajay Rose delivers TEDx Talk called ‘How to accomplish what you want to do, even without experience’

Plugsville founder and editor, Ajay Rose, delivered a TEDx Talk recently.

The talk is called ‘how to accomplish what you want to do, even without experience’, providing insight into the process of teaching yourself a new skill and gaining experience, at TEDxAstonUniversity’s event on Saturday 28 April 2018.

Exploring his transition from studying a business degree at university to getting into the world of writing, Ajay explains the steps he took to enter a new field, how he can gained experience as a freelance writer and how Plugsville was launched. You can find more of Ajay Rose’s Plugsville work here.

Firstly, the need to be consistent is explored, looking at what needs to be done when you’re operating at a lower levels in your respective field and how you can progress. Next, he lays out a plan for how to accomplish personal improvement through the analogy of a rolling job description, highlighting the need to always seek improvement in order to realise your goals, and never settling for a level of performance you personally know you could be better.

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Credit: Simran Mohr

Ajay Rose offered his thoughts on the talk afterwards:

“At university, I realised I wanted to pursue writing, but was half way through a degree in business and had very little writing experience.

“Nowadays, I’m thankful to say my own platform Plugsville is growing and my work has been featured in some big publications. Back when I started, I was at square 1. Could barely write a decent article, had zero contacts and all my emails got aired.

“Used to stay up late writing long articles I knew would only get about 16 views but did it anyway because I understood that, if I’m ever gonna get anywhere, I had to be ready to put in work and learn.

“I had to go through a period of nobody reading my work but I knew that things would improve if my writing ability did. That’s what the talk is about – how to do something you’ve never done before and get experience. A big thank you to TEDxAstonUniversity for the opportunity.”

Watch Ajay Rose’s TEDx Talk – ‘How to accomplish what you want to do, even without experience’ below:

How to accomplish what you want to do, even without experience? | Ajay Rose | TEDxAstonUniversity