avelino no bullshit

Avelino goes deep with his ‘No Bullshit’ playlist

AVELINO NO BULLSHIT REVIEW – Existing in the slick space between rapper and poet is Avelino, the self-proclaimed ‘leader of the new retro’ who has just released his No Bullshit playlist.

The 12-track project has limited guest appearances with just two features from Dave and MJ Cole, leaving Avelino with a solid platform to hold nothing back in providing an insight into his life like never before.

No Bullshit is effective in allowing listeners to connect more with the North London artist, whose talent as a lyricist is undeniable, but on No Bullshit, that gap between rapper and artist is bridged very well.

The light melody on ‘1 in a million’ adopts a tropical, afro-bashment like vibe that provides the basis for the Young Fire Old Flame rapper to deliver with a lightly-sung hook and airtight punchlines from Avelino throughout. Another highlight is the duality of certain tracks on No Bullshit, with many songs being potently littered with a clear sense of storytelling. ‘Origami’ embodies this, poetically ending with “but for now the it’s origami cos the paper still folds” after many lyrics centred around how he’s the “best rapper in the country”, as if to show he’s fully aware of his sauce but knows he can improve.

Avelino is someone who has never struggled to impress with his wordplay. Anyone who can go toe-to-toe with Wretch 32, as he did on Young Fire, Old Flame, is of a certain skill level, but listeners may have previously to buy into Avelino as an artist. On No Bullshit, that changes.

Overall, the project is relatable, typically-littered with quotable bars and galore and cleverly bridges a gap between Avelino and his fans, allowing listeners to really buy into him as a person, and not just a lyricist, which he also followed up with a Fire in the Booth many are saying could be the best ever.

With a debut album inevitably on the way in the next 1-2 years, the release of No Bullshit was exactly that, a no holds barred look into Avelino, the person, with 12 easily-digestible tracks that have whetted the appetite for what comes next.

Stream the playlist here.