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Ban Drill: Krept & Konan release new Rapman-directed short film exploring the consequences of prohibiting the UK rap sub-genre

Krept & Konan have released a short film exploring the consequences of prohibiting drill music in their new drop ‘Ban Drill’.

Directed by Rapman, a pioneer of short films which involve lyrical narration courtesy his ‘Shiro Story’ trilogy, ‘Ban Drill’ follows the life of Jayden, a rapper who is presented with two very different scenarios, one where drill music is banned and another where he is allowed to continue to making music.

The video is littered with cameo appearances from UK rap personnel, including Headie One, RV, Youngs Teflon, Fumez the Engineer, Likkleman, Young Adz, Dirtbike LB, Unknown T, LD (67) and many more, with Gerrome Stafia playing the role of the main character, Jayden. Krept & Konan spoke with The Guardian about why they feel the bans surrounding drill music in the UK are so problematic. Konan said:

“After the murder of my stepdad, it was music that actually pulled me out of my former lifestyle. Before music, there was just jail, gangs and getting arrested. Without music, I do not know if I would be alive today. Best-case scenario, I’d be in prison.”

Some of the bans faced by drill artists include not being able to perform live and their music videos being removed from YouTube, but according to Krept, such actions could be preventing the next big UK music star from breaking through:

“What could happen if they leave these artists alone so they can flourish and become something big? You could have stopped the next Dr Dre. When they were trying to ban [US rap group] NWA back in the day, if they stopped Dr Dre from doing music, there would be no Eminem.”

To accompany its release, the Long Way Home duo also included a petition to stop musicians being silenced, which you can sign here.

Watch Krept & Konan -- ‘Ban Drill’ below:

Krept & Konan - Ban Drill (Short Film)