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Brixton on Trial: Online film mirrors real-life murder case to provide insight into joint enterprise 

Brixton on Trial, an incentive run by the Lawyers in the Soup Kitchen (LISK), have released a film featuring a mock trial mirroring a real case that looks at joint enterprise.

The story is based on ‘a real life mock-trial using a recent high-profile murder case from the local area’. Local professional actors and volunteers rein-acted the case, with student participants allowed to examine evidence, understand the roles of who’s involved in a criminal trial and gain experience reaching a verdict as a jury.

Her Honour Judge Reid was the present sitting judge in the film, with contributions from a number of barristers, including Dr Tunde Okewale MBE, Simone Bowman and Natalie Csengeri, as well solicitor personnel and police cadet volunteers. The two-hour production was made possible after months of fundraising to raise the £2000 needed to host the mock trial in tandem with the National Justice Museum.

Brixton on Trial is an initiative who aim to assist community members with legal issues, especially those who cannot afford representation, who offer a walk-in-service at Brixton Soup Kitchen. Their recent film is a useful learning tool for aspiring law students or those wishing to gain a greater understanding of the British legal system.

Plugsville spoke with Dr Tunde Okewale MBE last year about his work as a barrister. You can find that interview here.

Watch ‘Brixton On Trial – The Film’ below:

Brixton On Trial - The Film