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Byte: Vine founder to release new video-looping app

Byte – Vine is about to make a comeback through a new company launched by the same founder two years after it was shut down by Twitter.

Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann took to Twitter with a one-line statement explaining the new venture: “our new looping video app is called byte. launching spring 2019”. Not many details are known about the company at this point,

Twitter shut down Vine in 2017 after purchasing the company for £13.10 ($17m) four years prior. At the time, Vine was viewed as the video arm of Twitter’s short-form posts. However, the video-looping service was unable to compete with Instagram and Snapchat.As of June 2018, the former platform had over one billion active monthly users.

Instagram introduced 15-second videos in 2013, while Snapchat allowed for 10-second videos to be sent among friends with far greater conversation infrastructure, rendering Vine and all its six-second brilliance, far less important in the eyes of consumers.