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Cadet x Deno Interview | Dele Alli’s influence on ‘Advice’, Bailey’s trolls and Rapman’s ‘Shiro’s Story’ saga

Cadet Interview Deno -- Speaking exclusively with Plugsville founder Ajay Rose, the two artists explain how Tottenham Hotspur and England footballer Dele Alli influenced the creation of ‘Advice’, charting independently, the trolls Bailey received from ‘Shiro’s Story’, Part 3 of Rapman’s epic trilogy receiving 15,000 views in 60 seconds and how their club-friendly collaboration came about.

Neither could confirm if there would be part four to ‘Shiro’s Story’, but there have been plenty of calls for Netflix to pick up Rapman’s hugely viral creation, so the series might not be finished just yet. In case you missed it, catch up with all-three parts of the trilogy here – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Aside from ‘Advice (Dele Alli)’, an independent release which recently charted at #54 in the UK’s Singles Chart, Cadet recently released a UK remix to Kanye West’s ‘I Love It’ alongside Yungen. Despite still being at school, Deno and his partner AJ, have had no trouble balancing education and a fledging music career, before either have even finished their GCSEs. To read Plugsville’s interview with the duo, click here.

Listen to ‘Advice (Dele Alli)’ here on Spotify or Apple Music. The music video, which has piled up over five millions views in a month, can be watched here.

Watch the full Cadet Interview alongside Deno below:

Cadet x Deno Interview | Dele Alli, ‘Advice’, Bailey’s trolls & Rapman's Shiro’s Story’ saga