dizzee rascal send wiley new album

Did Dizzee Rascal send for Wiley on his supposed new album?

Wiley appears to have reignited his feud with Dizzee Rascal, who he claims has sent for him on his new album.

Taking to Twitter in a series of deleted tweets, Eski Boy promised a “10-minute dub” if the supposed send is true, suggesting that sending for him was a PR stunt to promote Dizzee’s new album. Cryptic posters plastered across Bow last week lead many to believe that a new album was on the way from the Boy In The Corner rapper, although there has been no official announcement as of yet.

Borrowing a lyric from Skepta, Wiley tweeted: “Back then you was a real top boy but right now fam nobody cares”, after revealing that he heard the Boy in the Corner rapper sent for him at an Island Records party, promising to come down to the label that same day to hear the diss.

“Kendrick mugged his sister and Dizzee u can’t talk to me I am the reason you are here” said Wiley, continuing with: “Dizzee trust me u don’t want war with me bro.Not today.”

It remains to be seen whether this diss or a forthcoming album from Dizzee Rascal actually exists, but it feels like we haven’t heard the last of this…