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Football Manager 2020 Atletico Madrid team guide: Transfer budget, building blocks, best young players & who to sell

Football Manager 2020 Atletico Madrid – With a budget of less than £2m, you will have to sell before you buy if you wish to improve Atleti’s current squad. But after a huge summer of ins and outs, Atletico have most of the pieces they need to mount a serious title challenge on FM20.

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Starting Finances – Football Manager 2020 Atletico Madrid

Transfer budget = £1.81m

Wage budget = £29k/week


Building Blocks – Football Manager 2020 Atletico Madrid

Joao Felix

fm20 joao felixTransfer Value = £28.5m

Wages = £155k/week

Contract Expiry Date = 2024

Age = 25

Best Attributes = Technique (18), Dribbling (16)

After shelling out over £100m to sign him in summer, Joao Felix is the man tasked with filling Antoine Griezmann’s boots and has a lot to live up to.

With a potential ability of 175/200, Felix can still reach the top level but will need strong coaching to help him get there.


Jan Oblak

fm20 oblak

Transfer Value = £50m

Wages = £180k/week

Contract Expiry Date = 2021

Age = 26

Best Attributes = Reflexes (18), Handling (18), Decisions (17), Composure (17), Kicking (16)

Oblak is the fourth-most expensive keeper in the entire game and a definite building block for any prospective Atletico Madrid manager.

The Slovenian has been a consistent force for a team renown for developing goalkeepers into stars, following in the footsteps of his predecessors David de Gea and Thibaut Courtois.



Best Young Players – Football Manager 2020 Atletico Madrid

Nehuen Perez

fm20 nehuen perez

Current Ability = 120

Potential Ability = 160

Best Attributes = Marking (14), Tackling (14), Heading (13), Long Throws (13), Balance (13)

Perez is currently biding his time on loan at in Portugal gaining valuable first-team experience but is definitely a prospect to keep an eye out on in future.

The Uruguayan is more of a classic centre-back, in that he isn’t all that comfortable operating as a ball-playing defender, but still has plenty of time to grow as he’s still just 19-years-old.


Javier Montero

fm20 javier montero football manager 2020 atletico madridCurrent Ability = 119

Potential Ability = 140-170

Best Attributes = Heading (16), Natural Fitness (15), Pace (14), Positioning (14), Tackling (14)

Another highly-rated Atletico youngster is Montero, who begins FM20 on a season-long loan at Coruna in Spain’s second division.

He begins the season with decent stats all-round and has a high enough potential ability rating to make him a worthwhile prospect to nurture in future.


Players To Consider Selling


fm 20 vitolo football manager 2020 atletico madridTransfer Value – £35m

Wage – £90k/week

Contract Expiry Date – 2022

Age – 29


Antonio Adan

fm20 adanTransfer Value£11.5m

Wage – £35k/week

Contract Expiry Date – 2020

Age – 32


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