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Football Manager 2020 Barcelona team guide: Transfer budget, building blocks, best young players & who to sell

Football Manager 2020 Barcelona – Despite winning the past two and four of the five previous La Liga titles on offer, it seems as if Barca have under-achieved these past few years. But in the world of Football Manager, they remain on the best teams around.

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Starting Finances – Football Manager 2020 Barcelona

Transfer Budget = £8.61m

Wage Budget = £44k/week


Building Blocks – Football Manager 2020 Barcelona

Lionel Messi

fm20 messi Football Manager 2020 Best Players fm20 barcelonaTransfer Value = £73m

Wages = £1.2m/week

Contract Expiry Date = 

Age = 32

Best Attributes – Dribbling (20), Finishing (20), Passing (20), Technique (20), Flair (20)

No prizes for guessing who Barcelona’s most important building block is. Still, some of the more hipster managers may be tempted to phase out Messi before his best years are behind him and sign the ‘next Messi’.

This your timely reminder that there will never another Messi again. Yes, he is getting on a bit at 32-years-old, but he is still every bit as elite, as his 2019 Ballon d’Or victory would suggest. You should also look to extend his contract when possible in an attempt to dissuade him from returning to Argentina to hang up his boots with Newell’s Old Boys, the team which he began his career with.


Antoine Griezmann

fm20 griezmann 2Transfer Value = £74m

Wage = £550k/week

Contract Expiry Date = 2024

Age = 28

Best Attributes = First Touch (19), Finishing (18), Off The Ball (18), Dribbling (17), Crossing (17)

At 28-years-old, Griezmann is entering his footballing peak and Barca has signed him just in time to enjoy his best years.

The ex-Atletico star brings with him a current ability rating of 179/200, which is elite and makes him one of the very best strikers on the entire game.



Best Young Players – Football Manager 2020 Barcelona

Ansu Fati

fm20 ansu fati

Current Ability – 120

Potential Ability – 160-190

Best Attributes – Agility (17), Flair (17), Pace (16), Dribbling (15), Natural Fitness (15)

Fati already has a release clause of £86m, despite being just 16-years-young, indicative of how much Barca value a player whose made a breakthrough outside of Football Manager.

He’s definitely a player you should look to develop throughout your first season. If you can’t offer him enough game time, at the very least, it’s worth promoting promote to first-team from the U19s to let him train with the likes of Messi, Griezmann and co.


Ousmane Dembele

fm20 dembele 2Current Ability = 169

Potential Ability = 185

Best Attributes = Acceleration (19), Agility (19), Pace (18), Dribbling (18), Flair (17)

Dembele hasn’t quite hit the heights expected of him since his mega-money switch from Borussia Dortmund in 2017, but FM20 ranks him as one of the best right-wingers on FM20.

With Luis Suarez falling victim to father time, Dembele has a clear path to become Barca’s right-winger of the next decade.


Players To Consider Selling

Ivan Rakitic

fm20 rakitic football manager 2020 barcelonaTransfer Value – £40m

Wage – £230k/week

Contract Expiry Date – 2021

Age – 31


Philippe Coutinho

fm20 coutinho football manager 2020 barcelonaTransfer Value – £60m

Wage – £375k/week

Contract Expiry Date – 2023

Age – 27


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