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Football Manager 2020 Liverpool team guide: Transfer budget, building blocks, best young players & who to sell

Football Manager 2020 Liverpool – The Reds are arguably the best side in Europe but improving that squad to take them to even higher heights can be challenging, so we have compiled a Football Manager 2020 team guide to assist you.

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Starting Finances – Football Manager 2020 Liverpool

Transfer budget = £102m

Wage budget = £301k/week


Building Blocks – Football Manager 2020 Liverpool

Virgil Van Dijk

fm20 van dijk 2 fm20 liverpoolTransfer Value = £65m

Wage = £180k/week

Contract Expiry Date = 2022

Age = 27

Best Attributes – Decisions (18), Determination (18)Heading (18), Tackling (17), Strength (17)

Given that four Liverpool players ended up ranking in the top 10 for the 2019 Ballon d’Or award, it’s fair to say that the Reds have a few genuine options to build your side around. But in Virgil Van Dijk, you have arguably the best defender in FM20 and a player whose impact can’t be easily replaced.

Van Dijk’s physical attributes are unmatched by anyone outside of one or two faces in the new Football Manager. It goes without a saying that you should do everything you can to keep the Dutch international at Anfield.


Mohamed Salah

fm20 salah 2Transfer Value = £78m

Wage = £200k/week

Contract Expiry Date = 2023

Age = 27

Best Attributes – Finishing (18), Acceleration (18), Off The Ball (18), Pace (18), Technique (16)

Similar to how Van Dijk isn’t the only Liverpool defender worth building around, Salah is by no means the lone cornerstone attacking talent, but out of himself, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino, he is arguably the strongest option, at least on FM20.

According to Football Manager’s stats, Salah’s current ability (178) is one ranking better than Mane’s (177), while both attackers have the potential to reach 184/200 in potential ability later on.


Best Young Players – Football Manager 2020 Liverpool

Trent Alexander-Arnold

fm20 trentCurrent Ability = 154

Potential Ability = 170

Best Attributes = Crossing (17), Passing (16), Vision (16), Determination (16), Technique (15)

There is no need to consider selling quick-thinking corner-maestro Trent Alexander-Arnold, because has the potential to be one of the best right-backs on FM20.

The England youngster has devastating technical abilities, including corners, crossing and passing, making him the perfect fit as a wing-back for many years to come.


Harry Wilson

fm20 wilson harryCurrent Ability = 132

Potential Ability = 152

Best Attributes = Free Kick Taking (16), Technique (15), Penalty Taking (15), Determination (15), Composure (15)

The Reds are a little light on top quality prospects outside of TAA, but in Harry Wilson, you’ll have a twenty-something midfielder with a season of Premier League experience under his belt when 2020/21 rolls around.

You can expect Wilson to return back to Anfield next season fresh from a loan spell at Bournemouth and ready to contribute as a potential first-team mainstay for many years to come. Harvey Elliot and Sepp van den Berg are two other promising youngsters to keep an eye out on.


Players To Consider Selling

Adam Lallana

fm20 lallana football manager 2020 liverpool Transfer Value – £25.5m

Wage – £110k/week

Contract Expiry Date – 2020

Age – 31


Loris Karius

fm20 karius football manager 2020 liverpool Transfer Value – £19.75m

Wage – £60k/week

Contract Expiry Date – 2021

Age – 26

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