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Football Manager 2020 Manchester City team guide: Transfer budget, building blocks, best young players & who to sell

Football Manager 2020 Manchester City – Man City are a juggernaut and their squad in FM20 is one of the very best. But despite their riches, United’s ‘noisy neighbours’ are yet to win the Champions League, but that could all change in FM20.

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Starting Finances – Football Manager 2020 Manchester City

Transfer budget = £44m

Wage budget = £400k/week


Building Blocks – Football Manager 2020 Manchester City

Kevin De Bruyne

fm20 de bruyne fm20 man city

Transfer Value = £88m

Wages = £230k/week

Contract Expiry Date = 2023

Age = 27

Best Attributes = Vision (20)Passing (19), Decisions (18), Technique (17), First Touch (16)

Without De Bruyne, Man City are a different side. The Belgium maestro averages around 53 passes per game in the Premier League and that trend should be no different on FM20.

Best deployed in the role of ‘mezzala’ or ‘deep-lying playmaker’, your attack should run through De Bruyne, which means playing him in his best position and slotting in other parts accordingly.


Leroy Sane

fm20 saneTransfer Value = £54m

Wage = £150k/week

Contract Expiry Date = 2024

Age = 25

Best Attributes = Passing  (17), Technique (17), Dribbling (17), First Touch (17), Determination (17)

The bad news is that Leroy Sane will be out for the first 7-9 months after tearing his anterior crucial ligament during the Community Shield back in August. The good news is that Leroy Sane is one of the best at his option and only looks set to improve.

With ten league goals in each of his first two seasons in Manchester, Sane is a prolific finisher with a strong knack for laying on chances for others too. The even better news is that the German winger has room to improve to an even better level, with his potential ability (177/200) a level higher than his current ability (167/200).


Best Young Players – Football Manager 2020 Manchester City

Phil Foden

fm20 foden 2

Current Ability – 140

Potential Ability – 175

Best Attributes – Technique (17), Passing (16), Flair (16), Vision (16), Agility (16)

It would not be unthinkable for Phil Foden to secure a place in England Euro 2020 squad. But then again, giving him regular game time ahead of City’s other midfield options will be a tricky puzzle to solve.

With the potential to become one of England’s premier attacking talents, if you can’t find room for him in your first team in 2019/20, look to send him out on loan to another Premier League side ready to feature him week-in week-out.


Jayden Braaf

fm20 braaf football manager 2020 manchester cityCurrent Ability = 93

Potential Ability = 130-160

Best Attributes = Acceleration (15), Flair (14), Pace (14), Dribbling (14), Technique (13)

The Dutch youngster joined Man City in 2017/18 after beginning his career at PSV and could become a valuable squad player later on down the road.

Braaf is still a raw prospect, but once he becomes eligible for a loan deal, look to send him out to another English side to give him so much-needed first-team football, which won’t be easy to come across in the first-team.


Players To Consider Selling

Olexandr Zinchenko

fm20 zinchenkoTransfer Value – £37m

Wage – £60k/week

Contract Expiry Date – 2024

Age – 22


David Silva

fm20 david silva football manager 2020 manchester cityTransfer Value – £4m

Wage – £160k/week

Contract Expiry Date – 2020

Age – 33


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