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Mo The Comedian shares a list of forgettable fashion trends that need to be left in the last decade

The trends of today will quickly become the forgettable fashion trends and memes of tomorrow. And the last decade was a wild time for fashion.

At the start of the decade, it made sense to walk into Topman and buy a white tee with Rihanna’s ‘Loud’ album cover plastered across it. It was even more of a sound piece of styling advice to accompany that completely unique tee with a pair of Nike Blazers, with bonus points awarded depending on how colourful your shoes were.

Thankfully, Mo Gilligan, otherwise known as Mo The Comedian, has provided a summary of some of the wildest fashion choices this past decade with incredible accuracy in a brilliant thread on Twitter.

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Without further ado, here is Mo The Comedian’s list of forgettable fashion trends that need to be left in the last decade:


The Ed Hardy phase

ed hardy

“Ed Hardy. These vajazzle looking tops need never come back imo”


Shambala bracelets


“Shamballa bracelets these were just Anal beads with glitter”


Those Rihanna t-shirts

rihanna t

“If you didn’t wear this topman t-shirt with chinos was you even with us this decade”


Franklin & Marshall

franklin marshall

“Every Roadman to Essex was sorting this tracksuit a few years ago. It banged with some white Air Force”


Pyrex shorts

pyrex shorts

“I blame ASAP & Kanye for these shorts and tights combos. Watch The Throne times”


Superdry’s ‘Osaka’ tees

osaka t shirt

“This was the Oceana student night entry level top for guys who just got their loan”


True Religion jeans

tru religion

“You could see the stitching from space it was so loud. Every rapper had a pair of these jeans”


All red trainers

red trainers

“The all red trainers phase”


Balenciaga Arena High trainers

“Listen when I managed to get pair of Balenciaga arena high’s I thought I completed life. Big up the people who coped from Aliexpress and they’d start spreading out”


Denim shirt, chino & vans combo

chino vans

“Denim Shirt & Chinos with some white vans couldn’t be beaten a few years ago”


Lyle & Scott jumpers

lyle n scott

“Turn up to the club with it being -15 degrees with no coat (except for up north because they don’t wear coats AT ALL) so everyone can see that Lyle & Scott bird”


Trainer boots

trainer boots forgettable fashion trends

“Some of you girls were wearing these wedge trainer/boots put them in the bin”


Wooden beads

wooden beads forgettable fashion trends

“S/o you woke guys with your wooden beads”


Nike Blazers

nike blazers forgettable fashion trends

“*Alexa Play* Tinie Tempah – Pass Out”


G-Star Raw jeans

g star raw forgettable fashion trends

“G Star raw jeans were elite. Couldn’t afford a pair so I had to go River Island who’d remix them and make their own ones or Blue Inc where I’d get my free belt wit the jeans”


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