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Former Chief investigator slams Theresa May for police budget cuts and says she has ‘blood on her hands’

A police chief has called out Theresa May for her chronic failure to properly fund the UK’s police force.

Since the Conservatives took office in 2010, the police have seen their budgets slashed drastically. Theresa May slashed £413m from their budget in November 2017, adding to yearly cuts of around £700m. Some say police numbers are at their lowest for ‘over 30 years’.

In an interview with Sky, the police officer is forthright in his appraisal of May’s frugal approach to policing, suggesting that the Prime Minister has blood on her hands because of these cuts, which to the police, verge on nonsensical.

When asked about the deaths of four young people, who were each sadly stabbed to death on New Years Eve, the officer told Sky News:

“It’s unusual for four to die. Sadly it’s anything but unusual for a number of stabbings to happen on the same night. That is now absolutely typical of a Friday and Saturday night across London.

“I hate to think what the death toll would be if it wasn’t for the great skills of the ambulance service, their helicopter medics and the A&E departments. It is horrendous out there.”

When asked to explain the reason behind his comments, he said:

“The reason is very obvious. Theresa May has the police service, so that there are no longer police officers on the street and the control of public space has been lost.

“This is just one symptom of that, there are numerous others. Deaths on the road are rising because road traffic police are going. Shoplifting is going through the roof, because there are no police officers to deal with that. Antisocial behavior is getting out of control again because there are no neighbourhood officers.

“The moped crime epidemic – there are no officers out there and those that are out there aren’t allowed to pursue. It is very simple. It is entirely down to Theresa May and her cuts to the police. She has the blood of these young people on her hands.”

Watch the full interview below: