Someone set up a slanderous website called ‘fucktpain.com’ so T Pain bought it and now gets all the profits

Someone set up a website called ‘fucktpain.com’ which was recently bought… by T Pain himself.

The homepage for ‘fucktpain.com’ features a montage of tweets from users voicing their dislike of T Pain. Once you click the ‘fuck it’ button, you are lead to a screen which allows you to purchase various clothing items containing messages aimed at tearing down the American artist. The site mainly sells plain t-shirts with slanderous messages printed on them which take shots at T Pain himself and his use of auto tune in his music.

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He explained his recent purchase on Twitter: “k so here’s wht happened. My dawg sent me the http://fucktpain.com link and instead of trying to take it down and hurt the person that put time into making the site. I simply purchased it from them and now all the profit comes to me. Got it? So buy it up!! I’d appreciate it.”

He continued with: “Buying and wearing anything from fucktpain.com means you super fuck wit me. Like when your best friend calls you a trash ass bitch. You know they truly ride for you.”

Interestingly, a few tweets before letting the world he’d bought the hateful domain name, he first tweeted about the website at 7.49pm (UK time) on February 16 2020. Less than hour later, at 8.34pm, he announced that he’d bought the site and will now get all the profits. It’s unclear when exactly he bought the domain name, but the website itself was created on 7 August 2019 and is registered for one year. When the website domain name becomes up for renewal this August, we don’t know if he’ll continue to run the site, but good on him for reversing the antics of horrible trolls to his advantage.


Back in 2019, T Pain announced that he would be taking a break from music at the order of his doctor to prevent permanently damaging his vocal chords. Since then, the auto tune legend appears to have ventured into the world of gaming, setting up a Twitch channel called Nappy Boy Gaming and centering most his recent social content around esports.

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