gasworks biskit

Poet and Alhan enlist Biskit for hilarious episode of new show ‘Gasworks’

There’s a new show that you need to know about and it’s called Gasworks. The hosts are Poet and Alhan, and what goes down is pretty much anything.

This week’s episode saw the duo bring on Biskit, famed for getting too intimate with his mum on a Snapchat upload that swept the internet. This particular video is one of those that’s best can only be described by saying ‘watch the video yourself’. It’s hilarious.

Gasworks, backed by Boiler Room, is now two episodes deep and saw Frisco in the first drop, with new videos released weekly with a new guest each time. Stay locked as the show continues to grow.

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Biskit Discusses Touching His Mum's Bum, Fraud & Doing Porn | GASWORKS