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Yxng Bane drops new 14-track mixtape ‘HBK’ and accompanying short film

HBK –  Yxng Bane has dropped a new 14-track mixtape alongside a short-film to close out 2017.

The surprise drop features just three guest appearances, from Kojo Funds, DJ Tunez and Eyelar respectively, while Bane also released a 20-minute short-film to accompany the mixtape. The name of the production, ‘HBK: The Prequel’, suggests there will be more parts to follow.

Bane is no stranger to high chart positions. Any Minute Now, released back in August alongside D Block Europe, charted at #14 in the UK album chart’s, while ‘Bestie’ peaked at #10 in the single chart, adding to a top-five entry with ‘Answerphone’. His latest tape looks likely to follow a similarly commercially successful path.

Stream HBK here on Spotify or Apple Music. Watch Yxng Bane – ‘HBK: The Prequel’ below:

Yxng Bane - HBK: The Prequel