krept konan 7 days 7 nights

Krept & Konan once again deliver timeless music with their 7 Days and 7 Nights mixtapes

DJ Semtex offers some words at the end of ‘Champions League’ that summarises the release of 7 Days and 7 Nights to a tee:

“You already know they hit up the charts with a mixtape early, doing that before everybody else. Getting big YouTube views before everybody else, selling out tours before everybody else, it’s about to be that season again. Krept & Konan are back. Brand new banger.”

The rap duo hold the world record for the highest ever charting album from an independent UK artist (Young Kingz – #19) and the highest charting UK rap album (The Long Way Home – #2). Krept & Konan also put up YouTube views by the tonne, like they did with their Behind Barz and ‘Otis (Remix)’ (before it got removed) and have comfortably become festival headliners. With 7 Days and 7 Nights, Krept & Konan could well break another record if both projects chart in high positions, such is the strength of both.

The variety of flows on offer throughout 7 Days is striking and each is served with head-scratching punchlines with a well-refined edge. ‘Khalas’ returns to the days of old-school Krept and Konan, back to that fearless aggressive Gipset-like flow, with a memorable verse from RA. The graveyard-like beat on ‘On My Life’ is like a burial in itself and is wholly fitting in catering for the lyrical onslaught that Krept, Konan and Skepta bring.

Krept & Konan – Ask Flipz (Official Video) ft. Stormzy

‘Ask Flipz’ has racked up over 500,000 views in 24 hours and is set to join the growing list of viral Krept & Konan videos, with another surefire mosh-pit starter. The instrumental on ‘Sauce’ allows Krept to embrace an Eminem-like flow with ease, almost like a levelled-up version of his infamous ‘Paranormal Activity’ that meshes well with the trap-sounding hook from Konan. ‘Cold Summers’ ventures into a wiser, more politically-driven space that seems Krept tackle issues with the police and rap about empowering women. Wherever you look, 7 Days effortlessly sets the bar higher with elite lyricism and a rare level of versatility.

7 Nights is a smooth-sounding RnB-infused record that further demonstrates the arsenal of skills available to Krept & Konan, featuring slow melodies, rap, bashment-influenced moments and an undeniable slow jam element to it. If 7 Nights is the daytime tape full of anthems and the coldest punchlines, 7 Nights is the tape you play late night when all is said and done, and like the first tape, it’s also littered with star-studded features.

Jhene Aiko offers a calming hook in ‘Wrongs’, Tory Lanez graces ‘Same Sh*t’ with his usual autotune brilliance and Hudson East provides smooth vocals on ‘Ride For You’, ‘Save Some’ and ‘Take Time’. ‘The One’ is a particular stand-out, boasting an digestible, auto-tuned hook, along with ‘For Me’, which along with ‘Wo Wo Wo’, racked up over three million YouTube views in as many weeks as the first two releases from 7 Days and 7 Days respectively.

Both 7 Days and 7 Nights justify the existence of the other, one is a tape full of anthems and the other full of slow jams, making for another timeless body of work, something Tim Westwood alluded to in Plugsville’s exclusive interview: “Krept and Konan as well… what amazes me about them is that they haven’t got their new album yet, and they’re still turning up like that. They make records that last in the club for a long time and they’re about to do it again.”

2016 saw the pair crowned as the second most viewed rap or grime artist with 31.6 million YouTube views, on top of a slew of live shows, all off the back of limited solo releases and features. 7 Days and 7 Nights will carry a similarly emphatic timeless punch, reminding that Krept & Konan are among UK rap’s very best.