Likkle Pickney: Tempa T brings in Giggs for energetic new banger

Likkle Pickney – Tempa T high-energy flow meets Giggs’ mellow flow in the former artist’s latest banger.

The man behind classic UK anthem ‘Next Hype’ brings more a refined delivery on ‘Likkle Pickney’, with Hollowman bringing that fast-paced energy in a role reversal of sorts. The track brings an instant mosh-pit type vibe, brought to life with a tidy set of subtle, late night visuals.

In the latest episode of Plug Talk podcast, we explored the idea of UK artists linking up for a world tour. Lethal Bizzle put forward a suggestion stating that UK artists should link up and tour the globe together, but could the idea actually work? Click here to listen to the full episode.

Watch Tempa T feat. Giggs – ‘Likkle Pickney’ below

Tempa T x Giggs – Likkle Pickney [Music Video] | GRM Daily