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Lord Of The Mics 2019: Everything We Know So Far About The Latest Edition Of Jammer’s Iconic Clashing Event

Lord Of The Mics 2019 – Jammer’s iconic clashing event is returning this year.

We don’t know which MC’s will be involved or when the event will take place, but Jammer provided a closer look into the latest edition of Lord Of The Mics with a series of tweets. One of the posts read: ‘I just made up my mind you don’t get a choice the people pick the clashes #LOTM’.

The Boy Better Know veteran also said that he will announce date for Lord Of The Mics 2019 ‘next week’, while also outlining how the move to host a new version of LOTM is a necessity for grime when he said: ‘No matter what anyone thinks of me just know I’m doing this for grime it needs it more than u think!!! If i don’t do my job the ting will be done out here!!! And that’s facts I’m not even asking!!!’

As well as the classic Lord Of The Mics DVD, he also promised that new music is on the way: ‘So as I’ve got this dvd recorded your gonna get this Jammer music smoke aswel I’m not playing no games this year!!! Non at all’

Jammer also provided an insight into how the format for how Lord Of The Mics 2019 might work: ‘New gen and people that have been working 2017 & 2018 clash and the established artist support and do freestyles for new LOTM and so on. We need new bad man grime freestyles!! Way too much songs we need some natural vibes too’.

In another post, he wrote: ‘I really want this LOTM to be about the new stars and I would like all the bigger mc’s that have been on LOTM before to help push them and show love!!! This is how everyone will win’.

These are just a few highlights about what Lord Of The Mics 2019 might involve. We’ve rounded up some of the best bits for you below:



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