Mabel is leading a new generation of RnB in the UK

New generation RnB is flooding the UK music scene, particularly, the soul-infused sounds of women including Jorja Smith, Ella Mai and Mahalia who are captivating their audiences with fresh and meaningful music. One artist at the forefront of this new era is Mabel.

Coming from music heritage hasn’t stopped Mabel forging a path of her own either. Her mother is a Grammy nominated Brit Award winner, while her father is a renown producer. Being born in Malaga and growing up in Sweden, she took every experience thrown at her, inspired by old school RnB sounds which formed an important part of her youth.

Mabel’s music bring a new way of storytelling whilst maintaining a strong, sexy and independent female voice throughout. Her songs give any female needing to find strength in love a declaration paired with the smooth contemporary soul beats. Not only this, but she promotes the support and love of other female musicians like Raye and RAY BLK, who set out to push each other in changing a scene overcrowded by men.

She broke out with ‘Know Me Better’ in 2015, a SoundCloud release which was played on Radio One just two weeks later during Annie Mac’s show. Since then, she has exploded all over the scene, snowballing with ‘Thinking of You’, which is said to encapsulate her time away from family and friends when writing in LA.

Then came her debut EP, Bedroom, in 2017, with ‘Finders Keepers’ blowing her out the water, selling over 400,000 copies, the song she claims reflects sounds of her mixed-race heritage and undoubtedly has the sounds of summer in it. It’s also a track that has is now platinum certified. Bedroom contains a glimpse into her life as she poured herself into the writing process and found herself learning and growing as an artist.

At the end of 2017 she released her new mixtape Ivy to Roses, a must-listen which also featured her rendition of Drake’s ‘Passionfruit’, which is sure to set your soul on fire. Ivy to Roses focuses on how Mabel has blossomed as a new artist while also alluding to the fact, that despite making waves, she is still learning and perfecting her craft.

Not3s, Mabel – My Lover (Radio Edit) (Official Video)

Ivy to Roses provides an insight into who she is right now for her fans. Mabel’s questions and ideas about how to hold her own in new relationships and show vulnerability and power are all focused in this album.

Mabel’s ties to the UK urban scene have also helped her growth. ‘Finders Keepers (feat. Kojo Funds)’ ended up being a platinum smash, while her remix of Not3s’ ‘My Lover’ has also proved popular, totaling over one million views in a week. Further, her manager, Radha Medar, has worked closely with Skepta, so it’s no surprise to see Mabel embracing rap-orientated features to help her grow, and doing so successfully.

Mabel gives RnB a whole new fresh sound and her career continues to grow with each passing month, with 2018 posing as a potentially huge year for the talented singer.