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Effective (and free) ways to market your music on social media

So you’ve spent ages working on a new piece but you’re not sure how to promote it across your social networks… now what?

In that latest episode of How It Works, a series dedicated to explaining the inner-workings of different topics, we answer that question and provide three effective (and most importantly, FREE) ways to promote your music.

Many artists do not have the luxury of being able to rely on a marketing team or personnel provided by record labels to help get their music heard. Luckily, the internet has provided said musicians with an army of free social media platforms that can be used to generate tangible results. So without further ado…

Effective (And Free) Ways To Market Your Music On Social Media | How It Works


1 -- Find ways to resell the same piece of content over and over

To understand the value of this, let’s consider three different content creators, a news website, an Instagram page and a musician.

A big online platform may produce anything between 10-100 stories per day, which on a per-week basis, works out to at least 70 new pieces of content to promote each week. Because of their high volume, they do not need to resell the same piece of content over and again. They might, but they do notĀ needĀ to.

A popular Instagram page may post 5-10 new pieces of content per day, meaning that across seven days, that outlet can rely on having at least 35 new pieces of content to promote. Like the big website, a popular Instagram page doesn’t need to repost ‘old’ work because there’s so many new pictures and videos to share across their network.

Musicians may only release 5-10 new pieces of contentĀ each year,Ā which means, they have no choice but to find new ways to resell the same piece of content.

Entities which can rely on volume, need not rely on reselling so much. In order to resell the same piece of content effectively (without boring your followers), you need to switch up what you say and how you say it. This is explained in the first segment of our How It Works video.


2 -- Build an online community of engaged followers… by actually engaging with your followers

The crux of this section boils down to this; when fans acknowledge your work, acknowledge their feedback.

Once you’re more established, it’s likely that you’ll receive too many messages to keep up with them all. Before you reach that stage, however, it would be beneficial to build up an army of loyal fans by replying to as many as you can.

After all, these people have opened up your streaming link and listened to your music from start to finish. They then went online and compiled a message celebrating the greatness of what you did. Let these people know their feedback has been heard and appreciated.

Fans cherish moments when their favourite artists respond to them on social media. A response can take the form of a comment, like or direct message, depending on what suits.Ā Consumers will feel much more connected to your music if you acknowledge their presence.


3 -- Create a content schedule

The idea here is to plan the promotion around your releases. If you know you’re releasing a new piece of music in two months, plan around that moment. A good starting point here is planning a month’s worth of promotion around your new music, or at the very least, a few weeks worth of promo.

You want to aim to create ‘moments’, i.e., events which make people stand up and take notice of you and your work. If all of these ‘moments’ happen in the first week, for example, the hype around your music will quickly die out. The aim is to create sustained momentum.

As one ‘moment’ dies out, promote the next. When that event loses traction, hit them with something else to keep that buzz going. Scheduling your promotion is a simple but effective way to bring a sense of longevity to your work.


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