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20 mind-blowing Marvel facts you can use as multiple-choice questions in your next pub quiz

As the coronavirus crisis brings life to a halt, virtual pub quizzes have stepped in to fill an entertainment void, so we’ve put together this list of 25 Marvel facts to help you out.

We found that there weren’t too many free quizzes available with answers, which is why we made our own. The list contains numerous Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) facts written as questions with four multiple-choice answers. The correct answer is highlighted in bold. All you need to do is send this article to the quizmaster and you’re good to go.

Here are 25 mind-blowing Marvel facts for you to use during your next virtual pub quiz:


1 – Which movie did Thanos first appear in?

A = Guardians Of The Galaxy, B = Thor, C = The Avengers, D = The Avengers Age Of Ultron


2 – Who is the highest-paid actor in the MCU with over £60m in career earnings from his work with Marvel?

A = Robert Downey Jr (Iron-Man), B = Chris Evans (Captain America), C = Bradley Cooper (Rocket), D = Chris Hemsworth (Thor)


3 – How many films has Robert Downey Jr featured in the MCU as Iron-Man?

A = 7, B = 8, C = 9, D = 10


4 – Which soundtrack sold over one million copies?

A = Guardians Of The Galaxy, B = Avengers: Endgame, C = Black Panther, D = Avengers: Infinity War


5 – Why didn’t Captain America eat at the shawarma restaurant at the end of The Avengers?

A = Ate McDonalds for lunch so he wasn’t hungry, B = Was wearing a prosthetic jaw, C = Recently had tooth surgery, D = Doesn’t like shawarma’s


6 – Why does Pepper Potts walk around Stark Tower barefoot?

A = Forgot her socks, B = To make Iron-Man look taller, C = Spiritual reasons, D = The floor is heated



7 – What were the production costs for Avengers: Endgame?

A = $356m, B = $754m, C = $503m, D = $629m


8 – How many cameos has Stan Lee made in Marvel films?

A = 10, B = 7, C = 15, D = 4


9 – Who is the only actor in the MCU to feature as the lead and also get a writing credit?

A = Chris Evans, B = Robert Downey Jr, C = Tom Holland, D = Paul Rudd


10 – Who was initially offered the role of Thor before Chris Hemsworth?

A = Christian Bale, B = Daniel Craig, C = Tom Hanks, D = Brad Pitt


11 – Why does Nick fury wear an eye-patch in a lot of Marvel films?

A = Injured in battle, B = Cooking accident, C = Cat scratched his eye out, D = Accident on set


12 – In which film was the region of Wakanda first introduced in the MCU?

A = Iron-Man 2, B = The Avengers, C = Guardians Of The Galaxy, D = Iron-Man 3


13 – How long did it take Dave Bautista to get ready for the character of Drax each day?

A = 30 mins, B = 1-2 hours, C = 2-3 hours, D = 3-5 hours


14 – Which superhero is said to be the wealthiest character in the MCU with 5x more wealth than Iron Man in second?

A = Nick FuryB = Loki, C = Black Panther, D = Captain America



15 – How long did Baby Groot’s dancing scene at the start of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 take to put together?

A = Two years, B = 1 month, C = 6 months, D = 2 weeks


16 – Which three Marvel films are set within the same week?

A = Iron Man, Avengers, Ant-Man, B = Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, C = Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel, D = Avengers: Endgame, SpiderMan: Homecoming, Ant-Man & The Wasp


17 – What is the news station called that is used throughout the MCU?

A = SL News, B = Cap Daily, C = WHIH News, D = Stark News


18 – Which Hollywood actor once portrayed Nick Fury before Samuel L Jackson?

A = Dustin Hoffman, B = Nicolas Cage, C = Michael Caine, D = Matt Damon


19 – What is the only film in the MCU where the main actor plays both the main hero and main villain?

A = Guardians of the Galaxy 2, B = Ant-Man, C = Dr Strange, D = Thor


20 – Which of these Marvel films were nominated for Best Picture at the Oscar’s?

A = Iron Man 3, B = Black Panther, C = Avengers: Infinity War, D = Dr Strange

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