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nASSty: Young Adz x Dirtbike LB call in Lil Pino for new D Block Europe drop 

nASSty –  D Block Europe have another catchy hit to add to their growing collection.

The D Block Europe duo have dropped ‘nASSty’, a new sexually-slanted release which adheres to their usual autotune style. It’s the first release from Adz and LB since their Any Minute Now mixtape, with the video also featuring a guest appearance from Lil Pino.

Any Minute Now was a collaborative tape between D Block Europe and Yxng Bane, released back in July, which quietly secured a healthy chart-ranking, especially for a mixtape, debuting at #14. Familiarise yourself with that mixtape here.

Whilst you’re catching on some of their back catalog, watch ‘The Shard’ here and Adz’ guest verse on Hypo’s ‘Passion 4 Fashion’ by clicking here.

Watch D Block Europe (Young Adz x Dirtbike LB x Lil Pino) – ‘nASSty’ below:

D Block Europe (Young Adz x Dirtbike LB x Lil Pino) - nASSty [Music Video] | GRM Daily