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How to turn off Netflix autoplay and stop trailers from playing when browsing

Netflix autoplay feature has been a source of frustration for users for a while now. Sometimes you just want to browse for something to watch without the trailer automatically playing, and now you can.

At present, when you look for something to watch Netflix’s autoplay feature comes into effect and intrudes what should otherwise be a peaceful browsing experience (as if looking for the right movie to watch wasn’t long enough). When binge-watching a series, you’re not always ready to jump straight into the next episode seconds after finishing the last, but according to the Netflix app, you are, because it automatically plays it anyway.

Netflix said this when announcing the news, letting fans know their concerns have been acknowledged:

Here’s how to turn off Netflix autoplay feature:

  • Sign in to your Netflix account via their website
  • Click your profile in the top right corner and select ‘Manage Profiles’
  • Choose the profile you want to turn off the autoplay feature at the bottom of the ‘Edit Profile’ section
  • You now have two options, allowing you to turn off autoplay on the next episode and autoplay on previews. Select one or both of these options
  • Don’t forget to click save

The changes you make will be effective across all devices using the Netflix account you’ve chosen. So if you’ve handed our your password and for some reason, the person using your account enjoys trailers and future episodes automatically playing, you may encounter one or two issues. Otherwise, you’re now free to browse indecisively through Netflix without being treated to an impromptu preview that nobody asked for.

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