plug list plug list playlist blanco ringtone knucks blanco

Plug List: Dr Vades & Blanco link up for ‘Ringtone’, new Knucks & more new playlist additions

This edition of the Plug List features five sick new drops. Where possible, we’ve added each of the songs to our playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.

Not sure what the Plug List is about? The motto is ‘less numbers, more bangers’. Find out more information below. Catch up with last week’s picks here. You can find the Plug List playlists at the bottom of the article.

In no particular order, here are five of the best new tracks you need to know about:

plug list plug list playlist blanco ringtone knucks blanco


Dr Vades x Blanco – Ringtone

Dr Vades x Blanco - Ringtone [Music Video] | GRM Daily

This instrumental from Dr Vades is a serious one. Combining different melodies from ringtones, the beat carries an afroswing-like edge to it, but it’s a unique sound, so it feels wrong boxing it off under one genre label.

Similar to the ‘ball so hard motherfuckers wanna find me’ lyric that sends any crowd into a frenzy as soon as the first few seconds of ‘N****s in Paris’ are played, you can already envision this one shutting down live performances with just that lyric and the ringtone melody alone. Blanco also has an EP coming out around April, according to his Fire in the Booth.


Reeko Squeeze – Tour

Reeko Squeeze - Tour [Music Video] | GRM Daily

This new drop from Reeko Squeeze is an anthem for all the drill’s rappers who are yet to go on tour but still have bangers on deck, but isn’t your typical drill track.

‘Tour’ sees Reeko venture into a more rap-slanted space, maintaining his conversational flow and relaxed tempo, and the visuals, co-directed by B Dot and Chris the Capo, help set the atmosphere throughout.


Knucks – Rice & Stew

Knucks - Rice & Stew [Music Video] | GRM Daily

Knucks’ latest joint illustrates the pain you feel when you think you’re about to tuck into some Walls Vanilla Ice Cream but instead find frozen rice and stew in the tub. If you know, you know. There’s nothing more heartbreaking.

The North West London rapper’s establishes an easy-going hip-hop vibe throughout while displaying his slick wordplay too.


Jafro – Warm Up Sessions

Jafro | Warm Up Sessions [S11.EP6]: SBTV

Combining melodies and raps is nothing new, but the unpredictability in which Jafro interchanges between the two keeps you on your toes. A marker of strong lyricism is when you listen to something once and already know you’re going to have reload the track to go back to understand the lyrics that flew over your head the first time.

Anyone that says they clocked every single fire bar the first time is a liar. He’s been about for a minute now, also featuring as part of Leicester’s team at Red Bull’s Grime-a-side clash in 2017 and putting out plenty of other online freestyles, but it seems like 2019 will be the year in which his music gains serious momentum.


Splurgeboys ft. Fekky, JME, LD (67) – In The Family Remix

Splurgeboys ft. Fekky, JME, LD (67) - In The Family Remix [Music Video] | GRM Daily

Production duo Splurgeboys get in front of the mic in this new cut, drafting in energetic verses from Fekky, JME and LD, with each artist going hard with their verse.

‘In The Family’ looks set to feature on Chill + Bill 2,Β the forthcoming sequel to their Chill + Bill mixtape which dropped back in 2017, so look out for that project coming soon.


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