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Introducing the ‘Plug List’ – connecting you to the best new artists you need to know about

Plug List – There are many great upcoming musicians who don’t get enough shine so Plugsville has launched the ‘Plug List’, a new initiative aimed at profiling the best new artists.

We will be reviewing five new tracks on a regular basis as well as adding those songs to our playlist, which can be found on both Spotify and Apple Music. Not all tracks found in this segment are available on streaming platforms, so if you don’t see them on the playlist, there will be a link to listen to each song on our website. Where possible, we’ve added Spotify and Apple Music streaming links for each track.

Views, numbers, online profile and all of that jazz doesn’t matter here. If you think you have a dope track for us, we want to hear it. Please send all submissions, along with your social media handles, to

plug list best new artists plug list playlist


DC – Dock City

DC - Dock City (Official Video)

DC is someone who personifies the saying ‘quality over quantity’, as his releases are few and far between, but when they do arrive, they are encapsulating because of his smooth flow. Here, DC delves a little deeper into his lyric chest to pay homage to his hometown, Greenwich, and the harsh tales that accompany growing up in South East London.

The cohesion that’s found between the delivery of his lyrics and the instrumentals he sprays over is hugely captivating, while visually,. ‘Dock City’ is one his best efforts to date. He pays homage to his hometown, Greenwich, and the harsh realities of growing up in South East London with clarity throughout.

Spotify | Apple Music


Dibo – Blue Lights Freestyle

DIBO - Blue Lights Freestyle [Music Video] | GRM Daily

The young Jamaican and Irish MC sprays over a Jorja Smith hit with an impressive vengeance, as Dibo makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be boxed in as a female rapper, as well as recounting a few jail tales.

Dibo’s pen game is evident throughout while this new freestyle also carries a sense of authenticity too. She was also the winner of  ‘Da Come Up’, a talent competition held in 2018 which featured Buck, Posty, Twin and Julie Adenuga as judges. Look out for Dibo because she only looks set to continue building her buzz throughout 2019.


Clue – Tribute to Cadet

Clue - Tribute to Cadet [Music Video] | GRM Daily

The video begins with a clip from Clue’s recent headline show, where Cadet asks all the members of the crowd to take out their phone light just to show Clue how big the support for him was. A fitting anecdote of Cadet’s caring and genuine nature.

This tribute also includes footage from Cadet’s Hyde Park tribute, where his family, friends and fans gathered on Sunday 10 February 2019 to each release a balloon. When Cadet passed, the UK scene lost one of its most cherished members and Clue reminds of that throughout. Lady Leshurr also penned a heartfelt freestyle on her social media paying her respects to the #UnderratedLegend.


Hamzaa – Breathing/ Breathing Pt. 2 feat. Wretch 32 & Ghetts

Hamzaa - Breathing Pt. 2 feat. Wretch 32 & Ghetts (Official Video)

Taken from her debut EP, First Signs Of Me, the Hackney-based singer delivered two parts to ‘Breathing’ and both are fire. The first is a solo effort from Hamzaa, allowing her soulful vocals to shine behind a very well-written track. There is so much clarity within the lyrics that you can immediately envision it being performed live with great success upon first listening.

Part 2 sees Ghetts and Wretch 32 fit perfectly within the framework of the original, as both artists offer veteran-like verses, with one bar from Ghetts particularly standing out: “I’ve been instrumental in bare come-ups/send me the instrumental, I dare someone”.

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Sam Wise – LED (Light Up)

Sam Wise - LED (Light Up) (Official Music Video)

Much like his music group, the House of Pharaohs, it’s hard to categorise Sam Wise’s music with any one label or genre, but what we do know is the end product is always easy to digest and offering something different from the rest.

In ‘LED’, that holds true once again, offering a mellow, introspective hip-hop type vibe, courtesy of a joint production effort from Nyge and Clonez.

Spotify | Apple Music

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