p money shook kaniva mummy says plug list p money plug list kaniva rv headie one dig dat

Plug List: P Money drops ‘Shook’, Kaniva drops ‘Mummy Says Part 2’ and more bangers

The Plug List is back with five new bangers that you need on your radar.

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p money shook kaniva mummy says plug list p money plug list kaniva rv headie one dig dat


P Money – Shook

Whoever said grime was dead must of forgotten to send P Money that memo.

The Lewisham lyricist uses a snippet at the start where Giggs discusses how P Money was one of a select few ‘underground’ artists who kept grime afloat in recent years, with the track itself calling out MCs who are to ‘shook’ to put out new music. What’s more, this track is the first single from Money Over Everyone 3, which is expected to land in the near future.


DC – Holla

There were a fair few entries from DC’s debut mixtape, Under The Influence, but in the end we’ve gone with a ‘Holla’. Why? Because the transition from his verses through to the chorus is too smooth and the overall atmosphere of this one makes for an early summer playlist entry.

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RV x Headie One ft. DigDat – Mosh Pit

Like the above entry, there were a fair few tracks from Drillers x Trappers II which could’ve ranked here, but we’ve decided to go with ‘Mosh Pit’, which does exactly what it says it on the tin.

Each of the three rappers go back-to-back with strong verses, sandwiched in between a joint-chorus that brings it all together perfectly. This one will definitely go off at their forthcoming DxT headline show, while the project itself enjoyed a strong opening week in the charts, debuting at #21.


Berna – Mad About Bars (Part 2)

Berna – Mad About Bars (Part 2) w/ Kenny Allstar [S4.E7] | @MixtapeMadness

‘Representing that East side of Lond0n, he goes by the name of Berna. Watch him treat this instrumental like baby food,’ says Kenny Allstar at the start of this one freestyle. No lies were told there.

With his first ‘Mad About Bars’ making waves back in October 2016, it was only right we saw a part two, a freestyle laced with over-your-head punchlines from start to finish. Shout out 6IXVI on mixing and mastering duties throughout too.


Kaniva – Mummy Says (Part Two)

Kaniva has been rapping and honing his craft for a while but tracks like ‘Mummy Says Part 2’ show us that he’s on his way to finding a winning sound.

His latest single is a heartfelt offering that pulls no punches, discussing the mental health issues he’s dealt with, trust issues, not seeng his daughter as often as he would like and the struggles of trying to raise a child while in dispute with the other parent. You don’t hear too many rap tracks that display this level of honesty and self-reflection, so take this one in and be sure to look out for Kaniva’s new music throughout 2019.