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Promoting Music No Budget – Getting your work heard with no PR and low funds | How It Works

Promoting Music No Budget – Introducing ‘How It Works’, a new series by Plugsville. Each episode we will break down the inner-workings of a particular topic. In the inaugural edition, we explore how to promote your music with no PR or budget.

This edition provides a framework for aspiring artists at the start of their music journey. In the video, we explain three key steps new musicians can take to get their music heard.

Plugsville founder Ajay Rose put out a thread on Twitter, explaining some of the tips which can be found in this video:

“Make a list of platforms that promote your genre/sound. Try to find out the editors name and a contact for them, if you can’t find one, there will be a generic email available Rinse and repeat and make a note of as many relevant publications as you can possibly find.”

“Once you have some contacts, create an email explaining why your music is of interest. Ask for an article feature and say you’re available for interview The more tailored your email is to that specific editor/platform, the more likely they are to reply. Research before sending.”

“Don’t let your ego hold you back. You might think asking for stuff is “begging it” and you want things to be “all natural” Big artists pay PR/marketing teams to ask others for features, interviews, guest slots etc. What’s stopping you from doing the same?”

“Your music is the most important thing. None of this matters if your music isn’t doing the talking for you. Spend time putting together work you’re proud to promote Don’t let social media rush you into thinking you have to release ASAP. Quality music is worth the wait.”

Learn more about how to promote your music with no PR or budget in the first episode of ‘How It Works’ below. If you have a suggestion for a ‘How It Works’ video, feel free to send us in a suggestion!

Promoting Your Music With No PR/Budget | How It Works