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Carns Hill and S Loud team up for new joint mixtape ‘Pyrex Stories’

Renown drill and trap rap producer Carns Hill has linked up with S Loud to deliver us a brand new mixtape called Pyrex Stories.

The seven-track project began as a recording session between the pair but later developed into a full-blown project, which includes two features from 67’s Dimzy and Monkey.

This project is another example of Carns putting out a body of work and stepping into the shoes of the artist, this time opting to work exclusively with just one artist, rather than 23, as we saw on his last project, Hurt Your Parents Feelingswhich dropped back in 2019, following on from SRB Separation Confirmed in 2018.

In case you missed, check out our throwback interview with Carns Hill by clicking here. Here is a snippet, where Carns touches on the value of marketing: “Build your craft, network and make good music. It’s a product that you’re releasing at the end of the day, so as long as the product is good, it doesn’t matter where it’s made. A lot of everyday products we use, we do not know where it’s made, so it’s not really about where it’s made. It’s about how it’s presented and marketed to you.”

Stream Carns Hill x S Loud – Pyrex Stories below on Spotify:

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