robert mugabe resigns

Robert Mugabe resigns to end 37-year tenure as Zimbabwe’s president


Church of England issue its first transphobic bullying guidance

The Church of England has said that children should be able to decide what sex they are without judgement from teachers. In its first guidance on transphobic bullying, the CoE said children must be free to discover the possibilities of who they might be. The guidance has come under fire from other Christian organisations.


Record number of firearms seized on London’s streets

Scotland Yard detectives have recovered 688 live firearms in operations against criminals this year, and expect to top the 2016 record of 700. The Metropolitan Police and the City of London Police have announced a firearms surrender campaign, allowing Londoners to hand in illegal guns anonymously at 34 police stations.


M&S signals downfall of the high street

ASOS’ market value leapfrogged that M&S, highlighting society’s growing preference for online shopping over high street retailers. The shift in balance is being likened to electronic carmaker Tesla overtaking Ford to become the US most valuable car manufacturer. M&S remains far superior in terms of both sales and profits, though profits have been reducing for M&S in recent years.





“Offer more money or lose out on trade” says EU

Theresa May has been given less than two weeks to increase her cash offer to the EU, or face being timed out of talks on trade. Anxious business leaders from major EU member states have urged the PM not to crash out of the EU with no deal. They have warned that thousands of jobs could be lost if she fails to pull off an agreement at an EU summit in December.


Women need to be able to be as rubbish as men in politics

Shadow equalities secretary, Dawn Butler, has suggested that we will know when we’ve reached real equality when we have as many rubbish women MPs as we have rubbish men MPs. She argues that women often have to be spectacular and driven to be elected, creating a threshold that does not exist for men. There was a record 208 women MPs elected in the 2017 election, which is 32% of all MPs.


EU citizens are government’s priority

Brexit secretary David Davis has said the rights of EU citizens in the UK is the government’s no.1 priority in negotiations with Brussels. Davis said the registration process will be dramatically simplified as immigrants will need “to provide a photograph and that’s about it”.


Editor’s Picks

UberEats crashes as Krispy Kreme gives away thousands of freebies

Krispy Kreme celebrated their collaboration with UberEats by giving away 36,000 free doughnuts. The 3,000 boxes of a dozen glazed rings was advertised as being up for grabs between 2-6pm on Tuesday 14 November by simply selecting it on the app. The surge in traffic caused the app to crash, resulting in multiple orders being cancelled. The chaos led to a furious social media backlash.


Man punches shark in the nose, and lives!

Dr Charlie Fry survived a shark attack in Australia after punching it in the nose. Dr Fry described seeing professional surfer Mick Fanning punching a shark in the nose as inspiration for the miraculous escape. Fry was back in to work at the Gosford Hospital the next day.


Mugabe finally resigns

Zimbabwean political party, Zanu-PF gathered its MPs together to discuss the future of its leader, Robert Mugabe, who had resisted calls to resign as leader of the Party on Sunday and was placed under house arrest. Members of the public has poured on to the streets in protest, urging him to call an end on his 37-year presidency. He announced his resignation on Tuesday 21 November 2017.


Da Vinci painting goes for £342 million to mystery buyer

A Leonardo da Vinci painting hung on the walls of a mansion in London for 50 years was sold for £342 million to an unknown buyer in a New York bid. The 500 year old depiction of Christ holding a crystal orb, is one of fewer than 20 paintings by Leonardo known to exist.