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Youngs Teflon follows up ‘Blood’ with his 21st body of work ‘Swvgg’, at least one more new project could be on the way soon

A week after the release of Blood, Youngs Teflon is back with yet another project called Swvgg.

Swvgg is the second-successive body of work from Tef in as many weeks, with this EP showcasing that sense of arrogant rap we all love, with crisp punchlines and catchy hooks found across all six tracks. Unlike Blood, which had no features, Swvgg does boast a guest in the form of Avelino.

The Tottenham lyricist provides a strong hook and set of verses on the very first track, setting the tone and letting the listener know he was about to deliver a dose of heavyweight punchline rap throughout. Production wise, there is of course a beat supplied by long-time collaborator Carns Hill, as well as Faze Miyake, among others.

Swvgg is Youngs Teflon’s 21st (!) project to date. Here is a reminder of all his older material that came before Swvgg: Tef London, GMT, Call of Duty, Over the Head, OT1, Dukez of Hazard, Belvedere Music, GMT 1.5, GMT 2, OT2, Call of Duty 2, Best of Tef Volume 1, Trillin, Renaissance, Jungle Book, Tracksuit Diaries, Trillin 2, OT3, South London Press and Blood.

If two projects weren’t enough, there could soon be a third project on the way, if this tweet is anything to go by: “How I been living for the past couple months tryna execute my 1st full length project/s in 3 years… It’s literally been Blood, Swvgg & Tears! But you’ll ALL understand soon”.

Taking things a step further, Youngs Teflon could release a fourth body of work in the near horizon too, as he hinted at the third edition of his Call of Duty mixtape series is in the works: “I dunno who needs to hear this but I recorded the intro for CALLofDUTY3 2day”. The first two ‘Call of Duty’ tapes were home to bangers like ‘Gladiator’, ‘Da Trill’, ‘Lil Nicky’ and ‘Faded’, so when the third instalment eventually drops, that’s another promising tape to keep on your radar.

Check out the visuals for ‘Broken Saftey’ from Youngs Teflon’s Blood EP below. Click here to listen to Swvgg on Spotify or Apple Music.