Uber Freight Trucking

Uber launches Uber Freight for commercial trucking

Uber has just launched Uber Freight, a new network to help drivers find more work in the trucking industry.

The transportation network company claims their new trucking service will reduce the process of finding and booking freight that usually takes ‘several hours and multiple phone calls’. Uber Freight will match companies who need cargo shipped across the United States, entering a market primarily dominated by smaller firms.

Uber Freight Trucking

Nearly 70% of all freight in the US moves by truck and in 2016, the trucking industry generated a record $726.4 billion in America, the highest ever yearly figure.

Small companies are said to dominate this industry, with 97.3% operating fewer than 20 trucks and nearly 91% working with six trucks or less. Or in other words, prime new-market material for Uber, who found similar success unifying the global taxi market to one service.

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