police additional funding

Police need £1.3 billion in additional funding to tackle crime and terrorism threat

Police forces are in need of hundreds of millions of extra funding in order to combat rising crime levels.

The Home Office have warned that forces around the UK will need an additional £440m in 2018/19 and £854m in 2019/20, totalling around £1.3 billion, according to The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APPC).

Paddy Tipping, the APCC’s finance deputy said: “The police workforce has been reduced by nearly 19% over the last seven years and at a time when the population is growing and the sheer complexity of policing is increasing, it is clear that more funding is required if we are going to deliver the right level of service to the public.”

The extra cash would pay for 5000 more officers and 1,100 more armed police to deal with the increasingly complex nature of crimes, which therefore demands more time and man power in solving them.

Nick Hurd, minister for policing and the fire service, said: “In 2017, the taxpayer will invest £11.9 billion in our police system, an increase of more than £475 million from 2015. However, we recognise that demand on police is changing, and we are very sensitive to the pressure they are under.”

Norfolk recently became the first police force in the country to abolish PSCOs as part of a cost-saving exercise and move towards supposedly more-efficient policing. Click here to read the full story.