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Vibbar and Wiley are here to get their wages on ‘Shellers’

Vibbar x Wiley – Shellers (Skribz, Pep, Skits DB)

Vibbar have teamed up with Wiley for a big release entitled ‘Shellers’.

Skribz, Skits DB and Pepstar each lay down a verse after Eskiboy sets pace at the start to make for another easy-listening track, with this one carrying a huge grime feel to it behind a beat produced by The Confect.

The group signed a deal with Insanity Records back in 2017, a division of Sony Music UK, and have worked with both JME and Mercston, as well as doing a live show in Sweden last year.

Vibbar are an amalgamation of artists, MCs, producers and entertainers meshed into one music collective. Basically, they make good music and seem to do so on their own terms, so keep your eyes peeled from what’s coming from then next.