Youngs Teflon displays typically airtight wordplay on ‘Fire Water’

Youngs Teflon can really rap. Like really, and ‘Fire Water’ is yet another reminder of that.

Tef takes to a Carns Hill-produced beat that uses light keyboard sounds well with a trap-edge to it to let us know what’s been going on with Tef via a few wicked punchlines, such as:

‘I rap on tracks but I sing though/ them man don’t even make good music/ but it’s mad how them boys just sing though/ two packs up in a bando/ can’t go home until it’s bingo/ remember I had cats from Spain/ them man used to call me gringo’.

Youngs Teflon recently dropped the long-awaited visuals for ‘South London Press’, the titular track from his latest EP. To watch that video, click here.

Listen to ‘Fire Water’ below: